X-by-Wire V1.0/2012 – assembled

I’m glad to say, that after a few tests nearly the whole hardware on the new board ist fully functional now. The housing with the mounted connectors is also ready now to be put into the car.

A few Softwareupdates should also fit the X-by-Wire System to the Formula Student Electric Rules for 2012.

I expected to finish the whole board weeks ago, but i was busy with several other Projects. For example our Battery Management System – and the Powertrain testbench needed a lot of help, because due to some unecpected issues the installation and build-up was delayed by weeks… However it’s really exciting to see how all Systems in our car are getting more and more functional. Maybe i’ll post some pictures of our High Voltage Containment when it’s build up and give a few explanations how the Battery Management System (short: BMS) works in our car.