[Tutorial] Creating Part Devices using technologies

If you have a part symbol and package set up properly you can go on with setting up a new device and the devices technologies.

In the Device Editor you have to create a new Device and add a Symbol (by simply). To have an easy example we will start with an simple 2 terminal resistor, and call the device R. Then you add your Package Variants, as i did here. I’ve added some Packages i have drawn before, and connect Symbol Pins with the Package Pins.

The Package Variant Name will be directly shown in the Technology Name, therefore i named the Variants in my example 0603, 0805 and so on.Library_Device_Variants

The Prefix of the Device will be Name of the Part in the Schematic trailed by a ongoing unique Number. Here it will be starting with R1, R2 etc.Library_Device_DevicePrefix

The Description can contain html formatted Information, and is useful for containing links to Datasheets of used Parts in the technologies.Library_Device_Description

And at last the most important, creating technologies.
Every Package Variant can have several Technologies.

For example think of a 0603 Resistor, in values 1kOhm and 100kOhm. These would be the Technologies (i created here some more technologies for later use) in the Package Variant 0603. After adding these technologies you can easily add attributes and fill in the Information for every technology and every attribute. If you include an attribute called Value, the placed technology would automatically set this value for the part in schematic and layout editor.Library_Device_Technology

Some Attributes which should always be added for a complete BOM export:
MF (Manufacturer)
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)
OC (Order Code)
OTHER (for some additional Information)
VALUE (for the displayed Value)

additional Attributes for faster part choice which i use in some other devices could be:

POWER (rated Power)
TOLERANCE (Tolerance in Value)
COST-100 (cost of 100Parts@supplier)
I-SAT (saturation current of a coil)
RDC (DC Resistance of e.g. a coil)
IDC_MAX (maximum DC Current)
VOLTAGE (rated Voltage e.g. of a Capacitor)

If you keep all that in mind when creating a new Device you will get a sweet Bill of Materials with every Information you need with one easy click. To see such a sample BOM only created by filling in all listed attributes in every device you will get something like this:

BOM AnalogZ V2 0 Rev A
12.7 KiB