Where PCB Perfection starts – Part3

The Component Library

The E.A.G.L.E library is devided into 3 parts:

The Symbol, displaed in the Schematic Editor
The Package, displayed in the Layout Editor
The Device, connects Symbol- with Package pins

What you really should consider is to use device technologies. This will enable you the power of one-click generation of your Bill of Materials (BOM), with all Part Numbers and Distributor Order Codes, of every Part you used in your Design. To benefit of this BOM Generation, since Ealge6 its directly located under
file->export, it is recommended to use device technologies, for every single Part!

At the first look it seems that this might be some horrible work, but its only the very first time. Once you have device technologies, for every part (resistors, capacitors etc.) schematic design with choosing all parts, will be very very easy, because you wont have to look up order codes never ever again.

Ordering Parts at your Distributor for a whole Project will be done in one minute with a simple copy paste of your BOM.

In the next Tutorial i will show you how to set up a Device and the technologies in a professional way.