Racing Team

Racing TeamThe TU Graz Racing Team exists since Year 2004 and is building up Cars with a combustion engine. 2010 one member started the idea to start up a parallel stand-alone project named: TU Graz E-Power Racing Team.

I joined in the Winter Term 2010, helping them to build up the car for 2011 & 2012. But what does it mean, Racing Team?

Teams from all over the World come to different competition locations in Europe to beat the others in different sections and divided into combustion and electric driven cars.

During the competition its not the only point to be faster, its also a Design Competition where you have to show the judges what you’ve done and why it was done this way. Only if you are good in static and dynamic events you can win this tournament.

2010 was a nearly perfect year:

  • Formula Student UK – Class 1a
    – 6th place Overall
    – 3rd place Design
    – Winner Airbus Teamwork Award
  • Formula Student Germany – Electric
    – 1st FSE-Endurance Finisher
    – 3rd place Overall
  • Formula Student Austria
    – 4th Platz Overall (Electric)
    – 17th Platz Overall (Electric + Combustion)

These results will be very hard to beat, but lets hope the best for the future…

– edit Okt 2011:

  • Formula Student Germany – Electric
    – Most Energy Efficient Car (Powered by Harting)
    – 2. Platz Cost Report

– edit Sep 2012:

  • Formula Student Hungary
    – 6th place Dynamic Overall (Electric + Combustion)
    – 8th place Overall (Electric + Combustion)
    – 2nd place Overall (Electric)
  • Formula Student Austria
    – 15th Platz Overall (Electric + Combustion)


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